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Strength Training Equipment

Use the right strength training equipment to get the most out of your work out routine and get the physical results you want sooner. Not only will training transform your outside appearance, your mental wellness will improve as well.


2.2LB/1KG Bonehead Dumbell Set


4.5LB / 2KG Bonehead Dumbell Set


6.5LB / 3KG Bonehead Dumbell Set


Agility Shoulder Resistance Harness


Ankle/Wrist Weight 0.5KG


Balance Pro Fit Stick


Bow Tie Band - Heavy Resistance - Blue


Bow Tie Band - Light Resistance - Pink


Bow Tie Band - Medium Resistance - Green


Cardio Blast Lateral Mini Steppers


Deluxe Push Up Twisters


Deluxe Thigh Master


Deluxe Ultimate Home Training Workout Station


Deluxe Wall Ball 3kg


Heavy Duty Weight Jackets 5KG


Magnetic Disc


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What is strength training?

Strength training is a smart way of burning more calories, reducing body fat, and increasing your muscle mass. These types of fitness exercises focus on building strength, endurance, and stamina, while toning your body. Including resistance training in your workouts can involve:

  • Lifting weights
  • Using battle ropes
  • Using workout benches
  • Climbing staircases
  • Using a bar for pull/chin ups
  • Squats
  • Using bands

While spot weight training can be done to focus on specific muscles, strength workouts also target your whole body, which effectively makes them a fully accessible cardio workout. Incorporating strength exercises can improve your heart health, enhance bone density, lose weight, and can reduce symptoms of chronic physical conditions such as diabetes, which is why it is a vital part of your daily routine is necessary at all ages.

workout outdoor

What equipment should I use for strength training workouts?

If you are ready to challenge yourself with a fitness plan that uses strength equipment in your home gym, it is important that you find the right fitness equipment that will benefit your health goals. Even if you are just starting your workout journey, while they may seem intimidating at first, strength exercises can be a great place to begin, and you will quickly see the results of your hard work. Using resistance gear, dumbbells, and a training bench can be a great start to building home gyms, but the right equipment for each person is different depending on their fitness goals. Selecting the perfect home fitness equipment for your workout depends on users ability and how they want their body to transform. Challenging your abs, legs, arms, or chest can be done with weight machines, kettle bells, thigh masters, or bowflex.

What can the Right Strength Equipment Do?

Using your body weight to strengthen your core muscles to do pushups, pullups, lunges, squats, and planks works, but when users are ready to increase their intensity, the ideal equipment can push your fitness further. When you adjust your exercise routine to include more equipment, you can achieve more strength, while enhancing your muscle mass. Even if you have a small space in your personal gym, you can make the most out of it with only a few items, such as weights or resistance bands, which can help you meet your targeted physical goals. Not all brands offer the same quality of products, which is why we search for the best equipment that meet the needs of our customers.


Weights can be great tools to reduce stored fat and achieve a toned body. Adding weights to your regular exercise routine will make you stronger, reduce joint pain, and will make you a healthier human. Not only will this style of strength training make you stronger, you will see the results of your hard work in your arms, back, legs, chest, and abs. Weighted equipment can come in all kinds of forms, from barbells to medicine balls, so whatever style you choose to use in your daily exercise routine will help you get the results that you want. Stay fit at home with minimal weight equipment and keep your resolution to yourself to increase your strength and overall well being.

dumpbell set

Balancing equipment

Selecting the essential strength equipment to improve your stability and balance can include items like a bosu ball, a balance board, benches, bars, or balance rings. Not only do these tools strengthen your core, they also give you more energy and improves your range of motion with every workout. This type of exercise is key to improving essential body functions and gives you more confidence in your daily movements. Choosing to work on your balancing skills will enhance your quality of life, develop strong bones, and improve your cognitive functions. You may not realize the importance of having good equilibrium until it impacts you, so challenge yourself with daily physical routines can help prevent a slip or a fall before it happens, and you will have yourself to thank for all your hard work in those moments.

Balancing equipment