Premium 3 Piece Yoga Roller - Orange & Grey

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Premium 3 Piece Yoga Roller - Orange & Grey

This Yoga roller set combines 2 different style of rollers to suit your workout requirements, along with a optional rigidity attachment, which provides additional support for a firmer rolling experience. Designed to be easily portable, you can take this Yoga roller set with you wherever you go. With the versatility of being used as a massage tool,  for stretch support or even for stability exercises, our foam rollers are the missing piece for your workouts. Relives muscle tension. Improves Posture. Improves core strength, balance and flexibility.

Colour: Orange + Grey

Product length is 18" (45 cm). Product width is 6.5" (16.5 cm)

Material: EPE+PVC

Sku: PF3765

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